We print on different materials: on paper, PCV-banner, PVC – folio (sticker, vehicle graphics) and on special materials. Our printing technology enables to use the works indoors and outdoors. Our colours are waterproof, UV protected and will last 3 years outdoors and when laminated then 6 years or longer.

All kinds of labels and tags belong to our everyday life. You can order from us customised stickers for outdoors or indoors use. We offer design, colour and form suitable for you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Prohibitive signs:
“No smoking”! “No trespassing!” “Keep clear!”Etc. Labels:
Labels: address labels on catalogues, tags, ex libris, etiquettes etc.
Shaped stickers: time tables on doors, labels, design on walls, windows, items etc.

Crystal sticker is also called “bubble sticker” or polyethylene sticker. The surface of the sticker is covered by special mixture which causes this special 3D effect.

Advertisements on vehicles are either printed or cut out from adhesive foil. Prints can be cut exactly in a shape you like. Usually the advert on vehicles is laminated in order to protect from damage caused by salt, cleaning and sun.
In addition to stickers we offer magnets adverts which are easy to remove and reuse. Magnets adverts are particularly suitable for taxis which area also used for private purposes.

If you like to use your advertisement repetitively and in different locations, you should think over using an advertisement banner. The banners are printed on a special PVC material (we offer different PCV – textiles) and include loops to simplify installation and removal.

This system is widely used for different presentations, incl. trade fairs because of its simple installation, removal and transportation. The frame is one - off investment and changing the display is easy.
Roll-up stands - presentation stand to roll up that are easy to use and transport, the graphics is in a stand base in a cassette and will be rolled up like blind only that from the bottom up. There are many different designs available.
Banner stands - frames easy to assemble where by means of loops and eyes the necessary graphics will be stretched. Presentation systems easy to assemble.  There are many different designs available. Ask more!
Frames for posters - frames which are suitable for indoors and outdoors use. The frames are very resilient, easy to install and present your advert both on streets and indoors. There are different frames available.

Light boxes and light letters decorate our nocturnal city already long ago. We prepare luminous adverts suitable for you in cooperation with licensed specialists of luminous adverts.
By luminous advert matters the print on the foil in the light box. Changing the texts and pictures in the light box later on you need to change the foil only while retaining the light box. The quality of the print on the foil is as high as on the paper.

We recommend using adhesive foils for vitrine and window decoration. We can print design on the foils suitable for you and on request we will also cut it out.

The easiest and simplest way for advertising outdoors is using the signboards. We prepare adverts on PVC-, BIP- as well as on other boards. The installation of the signboards on the building walls or on any other base is easy.

You can order from us posters which are suitable for home, offices, cafes, shops and elsewhere. On request we assist with design and photos (it is possible to choose a photo from our picture stock). As a new product we also offer printing on canvas like material. The easiest way to change the interior design is to order new pictures onto the walls.
We use aluminium profile in 3 tones – matt silver, matt gold and matt black. We deliver with the frames also hooks to hang the pictures onto wall.  Framing is not compulsory and a picture can be printed simply on PVC – or KAPA board. The easier option is to order a picture as a poster or sticker. You will find samples in our portfolio.

As a new product we offer wallpaper on which is printed a design or photo chosen by a client. A very thick and high-quality material of wallpaper enables to print very precise and clear images. The material is waterproof and UV protection. Wallpaper is washable and will last at least 10 years. We can find an image from our photo stock or we use a photo taken or created by a client.
Why to print wallpaper at AFF Advertisin Agency?
1. Sizes are according to client’s wishes.
2. With our own production facility wallpaper will be ready within one week.
3. Our high-quality wallpaper is resilient and easy to use.

Viitasid ja majajuhte valmistame nii alumiiniumalustele kui ka PVC-materjalile.

We print on special material which later on can be placed on textile using hot-pressing.

We assist with all kinds of editions: booklets, brochures, posters, CDs, adverts in newspapers and magazines, labels, letter of thanks, business cards, post cards, flyers etc.  On request we offer a full service from initial concepts though to final delivery.
We offer editions also in digital print which has the advantage of fast delivery (if design is available then next day delivery) and if necessary small editions.